An overview of the services that the Scientific Software Center provides for researchers at Heidelberg University.

For PhD students

PhD students can benefit greatly from the SSC's services to increase the productivity of their research:

  • Become part of our mentoring program to learn and discuss best practices for scientific software development and reproducible science in a peer group at regular meetings. The mentoring group accompanies PhD students from their project start to their first (reproducible) publication to their PhD thesis.
  • Participate in our compact courses on best practices in scientific software development. See our Events Page for details on upcoming workshops.
  • Come talk to us about any software-related problem you might have during our open consultation hours (see our contact page for details)

For researchers

All of our services for PhD students are also available to other researchers. Additionally, the SSC is available for short- and long-term collaborations about research software:

  • The SSC does small scale software development for research groups at Heidelberg University. This type of development is free of charge for members of all faculties. Consult us to find out how we can help your research project!
  • The SSC also performs larger scale development work. This requires a short proposal that includes a feasibility statement of a member of the SSC. We expect the first Open Call for project proposals to be launched mid of 2021.
  • We help research groups to introduce and set up sustainable development practices and tools. This includes e.g. the use of version control systems, continuous integration tools, automatic code analysis, code review or task boards.
  • Members of the SSC can act as co-PIs on joint research projects. In such case, a hired PhD students would be co-affiliated with the SSC and the SSC members supervise software development aspects of their research project. Such a collaboration will typically emerge from an extensive previous collaboration.

For students

Students of Heidelberg University at the B.Sc. and M.Sc. level can also profit from the SSC:

  • We are hiring student assistants for software development projects. This is a great opportunity to develop your programming skills, get to know interesting research areas for a potential thesis project and earn some money. Candidates should bring some programming experience (language does not matter) and passion for programming. If interested, please send an email to describing your experience and motivation.
  • Our compact courses on best practices for research software development are open to M.Sc. students as well.

For industrial partners

Often, collaboration between university and industry partners is inhibited because the inherent labor turn over in academia prevents long-term cooperation. For selected software projects developed at Heidelberg University, the SSC can provide the necessary stable interface by e.g.

  • Offering support contracts for the software
  • Providing training with the software

Such a collaboration will typically emerge from a three-way cooperation between an industrial partner, a research group of Heidelberg University and the SSC.